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00:31     Oxidative stress IS THE ENEMY   

00:56     Antioxidants plus exercise NOT GOOD

02:13     The training sessions

03:02     Serious exercising

03:31     Exercise plus antioxidant supplementation

04:00     Exercising improves insulin sensitivity…

04:27     No improvement with antioxidants

04:59     Reactive oxygen species are not so BAD

05:53     The benefits of more oxidation

06:20     What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

06:53     Antioxidant supplements take care of the problem

07:15     A temporary fix to oxidative stress

Reduced Adipose Tissue Oxygenation in Human Obesity Evidence for Rarefaction, Macrophage Chemotaxis, and Inflammation Without an Angiogenic Response.  

Diabetes (2009) 58 : 718 – 725. 

Magdalena Pasarica, Olga R. Sereda, Leanne M. Redman, Diana C. Albarado, David T. Hymel, Laura E. Roan, Jennifer C. Rood, David H. Burk, and Steven R. Smith