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00:08 A serious tummy upset

00:42 The hazards of an appendectomy

01:31 Clostridium difficile infection

01:56 Antibiotics the cause

02:21 Antibiotics decimate bacteria

03:01 C.difficile the survivor

03:36 C.difficile makes you sick

04:10 The appendix to the rescue 

04:44 Antibiotic problem 

05:03 The appendix is not vestigial

05:31 Keeping your bacteria safe

05:46 The position of the appendix

06:25 Reseeding your gut

06:42 The appendix is needed

07:17 Diarrhoea can be deadly

07:39 Safe haven from antibiotics 

07:57 Surviving a C.difficile infections 

08:35 Cultivate the “right” microflora

09:17 An appendectomy


Appendectomy and Clostridium difficile colitis: Relationships revealed by clinical observations and immunology. 

World J Gastroenterol (2013) 19(34): 5607-5614. 

Nathan L Sanders, R Randal Bollinger, Ryan Lee, Steven Thomas, William Parker.