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00:07 The eat nothing approach to sugar management

00:19 The source of the sugar

00:38 The sugar supply when you’re starving 

01:08 The sugar cookie jar

01:38 Hepatic gluconeogenesis 

02:00 HGP  is the default mode

02:27 Eating stops sugar production

02:47 The liver stops making sugar

03:12 Sugar production continues in full swing

03:24 Too much sugar

03:44 Blame insulin resistance

04:32 Asprosin the white lady

05:06 Asprosin keeps home fires burning

05:38 Asprosin doesn’t get time off

05:51 Fat cells and sugar

06:18 Giving asprosin time off

06:32 The benefits of removing asprosin

07:07 Anti-asprosin therapies 


Asprosin, a Fasting-Induced Glucogenic Protein Hormone. 

Cell (2016) 165 :566–579.  

Chase Romere, Clemens Duerrschmid, Juan Bournat, Petra Constable, Mahim Jain, Fan Xia, Pradip K. Saha, Maria Del Solar, Bokai Zhu, Brian York, Poonam Sarkar, David A. Rendon, M. Waleed Gaber, Scott A. LeMaire, Joseph S. Coselli, Dianna M. Milewicz, V. Reid Sutton, Nancy F. Butte, David D. Moore, and Atul R. Chopra