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00:05 What is wrong in metabolic syndrome

00:46 Wastes pile up in metabolic syndrome

01:17 A heart attack waiting to happen

02:13 The waste disposal department

02:42 Scheduling waste removal

03:17 Meet the dustbin men

04:02 The cell’s garbage disposal unit

04:25 Recycling amino acids etc

05:02 In the insulin resistant….

05:47 What’s going on in insulin resistance ?

06:03 Dustbin men activity

06:32 Less autophagy

06:58 Cells don’t multi-task

07:23 In the presence of insulin….

07:42 Cleaning up barely happens

08:03 Wastes pile up


Hepatic Autophagy Is Suppressed in the Presence of Insulin Resistance and Hyperinsulinemia.  

THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY (2009) 284(45):31484–31492. 

Hui-Yu Liu, Jianmin Han, Sophia Y. Cao, Tao Hong, Degen Zhuo, Jianbo Shi, Zhenqi Liu and Wenhong Cao.