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00:06 Insulin resistance

00:24 Hyperinsulinemia to the rescue

00:48 The other half of the insulin story

01:21 Insulin and fats

01:55 Partnering with the liver

02:12 A starving brain is a goner

02:38 Two cooks spoil the broth

03:02 Freezing liver sugar production 

03:34 SREBP1c ignoring orders

04:07 What should happen in insulin resistance

04:16 What does happen in insulin resistance

04:35 Insulin resistance is selective

05:10 Too much fat

05:41 Insulin’s dilemma - spoilt for choice

06:17 Why the “dis-obedience” ?


Bifurcation of insulin signaling pathway in rat liver: mTORC1 required for stimulation of lipogenesis, but not inhibition of gluconeogenesis. 

PNAS (2010) 107 (8) : 3441–3446. 

Shijie Li, Michael S. Brown  and Joseph L. Goldstein.