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00:14 Cholesterol supersaturated bile

00:37 So logic says : Stop that “high” cholesterol

01:06 Reworking the cholesterol numbers

01:44 Bile is a mixture

02:02 The cholesterol percentage

02:19 Percentage versus concentration

02:49 The concentration of cholesterol

03:11 Cholesterol levels unchanged

03:39 Bile acids were missing

03:56 Multiple studies confirmed the absence of bile acids 

04:26 Too much cholesterol is a red herring

04:50 Where have the bile acids gone ? 

05:21 Lowering cholesterol won’t fix gallstone disease

Gallbladder bile supersaturated with cholesterol in gallstone patients preferentially develops from shortage of bile acids

Journal of Lipid Research (2019)  60(3):498-505.

Mats Rudling, Amit Laskar and Sara Straniero