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00:10 Spinal injury nothing is moving

00:30 Paraplegia is constipating

00:47 Helping seriously constipated 

01:31 The rehab centre

01:56 Nerve control in the digestive tract

02:18 More vagus means better digestion

02:51 Neuroanatomy 101

03:33 Crossed wires

04:01 The toothbrush of Mecca

04:30 Salvadora persica

04:54 Chewing MOVES the colon

05:33 The wooden toothbrush

06:01 Chew something

06:24 The forgotten art of chewing

06:58 Early mornings are made for pooping


Novel Effects of Traditional Wooden Toothbrush on Bowel Motility  Symptoms in Spinal Cord Injury Patients; Findings from a Pilot  Quasi‑experimental Study.  

Int J Prev Med (2017) 8:46

Ebrahim Esfandiari, Awat Feizi, Zahra Heidari, Seyed Reza  Tabibian,  Pooria Shaabani, Bijan Iraj, Payman Adibi,  Amrollah Ebrahimi Varzaneh.