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00:06 A cholecystectomy i.e. gallbladder removal

00:30 Things still work

01:20 The gallbladder’s job

01:50 The whispers and screams of digestion

02:10 The liver does stock taking

02:30 No reservoir, no bile acid spike 

02:52 Saved from an energy crisis

03:13 Experiencing a sugar crisis

03:42 Blame the pancreas

04:02 Kickstarting GLP-1  and insulin production

04:18 A man down on the sugar team

04:38 The other job of the gallbladder

04:52 The consequences of cholecystectomy

05:06 Gallbladder health 

Cholecystectomy as a risk factor of metabolic syndrome: from epidemiologic clues to biochemical mechanisms. 

Laboratory Investigation (2018) 98 : 7–14.  

Yongsheng Chen, Shuodong Wu and Yu Tian