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00:09 Getting a high cholesterol number

00:28 Get that cholesterol down STAT

01:48 HUNT2 a community effort

02:37 Counting person years

03:31   Being OLD was the biggest risk

03:57 The risk of cardiovascular disease

04:40 Heart disease is not related to cholesterol

05:05 Low cholesterol levels are risky

05:39 The cholesterol number YOU NEED

06:04 Cholesterol the scapegoat 

06:40 Too little cholesterol is risky

07:19 Time to update the cholesterol guidelines 

Is the use of cholesterol in mortality risk algorithms in clinical guidelines valid? Ten years prospective data from  the Norwegian HUNT 2 study.  

Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice (2012) 18 : 159 – 168. 

Halfdan Petursson, Johann A. Sigurdsson, Calle Bengtsson, Tom I. L. Nilsen and Linn Get