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00:10 The calories in nuts are not my problem

00:20 When the calories in nuts are a problem

01:09 Calorie labels

01:44 Calculating the calorie count of nuts

02:13 Nuts to volunteer

02:36 To nut or not to nut

03:00 Calorie counting

03:15 Cashew nut digestion

03:38 Counting cashew nut calories 

04:15 It’s a nut thing

04:36 Calories are stuck inside 

05:01 Processing the nut helps

05:34 Rethink nut snacking

Metabolizable Energy from Cashew Nuts is Less than that Predicted by Atwater Factors. 

Nutrients (2019) 11 : 33

David J. Baer and Janet A. Novotny