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00:05 The best exercise is….

00:29 Choosing an exercise programme

00:49 Aging gracefully

01:03 Muscle power 

02:09 Signing up for an exercise programme

02:30 The exercise programme

03:25 Cardiac fitness

03:41 The dancing brain

04:07 Moving the whole body

04:39 The need for NEW moves

05:00 Memory and dance

05:28 Memory improvement

06:10 Exercising for the brain

06:35 Brain’s like variety

Evolution of Neuroplasticity in Response to Physical Activity in Old Age: The Case for Dancing.   

Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience (2017) 9(56) :  1-8.  

Patrick Müller, Kathrin Rehfeld, Marlen Schmicker, Anita Hökelmann,  Milos Dordevic, Volkmar Lessmann, Tanja Brigadski, Jörn Kaufmann and Notger G. Müller.