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00:15 Shopping for groceries

00:42 A trip to the supermarket

01:13 Before food was an industry

01:43 Food processing is not evil 

01:55 The food industry

02:19 Food bits and pieces 

02:30 Food plus…

02:56 Food pollution

03:18 The process of making processed food

03:35 Ultra-processed food

03:57 The problem is not the fat content

04:27 The real issue is fake food

04:42 Artificial sweeteners

04:51 High fructose corn syrup

05:07 Lack of fibre and membranes 

05:30 Emulsifiers and dry heat

05:58 The snowball effect

06:09 When diets go head to head

06:20 JERF i.e. just eat real food

For more information on the health impact of some of the extra / missing ingredients, click on the link

Food processing, gut microbiota and the globesity problem. 

Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition (2019)  

Lisa Miclotte & Tom Van de Wiele