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Here is a recap of this audio

01:40   Feeding the fishes – I mean dolphins

02:41 Dolphin weight problems are  man made

03:27   You can’t blame a high carb diet for the dolphin weight troubles

04:07 Fish on the menu

04:43 What’s for dinner

05:10 Fishing for answers

05:51 Dolphins on “DIET”

07:08 Eat more margaric acid

08:11 Rein in insulin


Increased Dietary Intake of Saturated Fatty Acid Heptadecanoic Acid (C17:0) Associated with Decreasing Ferritin and Alleviated Metabolic Syndrome in Dolphins.

PLOS ONE (2015) 10 (7): e0132117.  

Stephanie K. Venn-Watson, Celeste Parry, Mark Baird, Sacha Stevenson, Kevin Carlin, Risa Daniels, Cynthia R. Smith, Richard Jones, Randall S. Wells, Sam Ridgway, Eric D. Jensen.