Want to discover more ways to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY ?

Here is a recap of this audio

00:37 LDL cholesterol is a necessity

01:37   Cholesterol in the firing line

02:11   Clearing the pipes

02:42 Reverse cholesterol transport

02:59 Low HDL cholesterol is problematic

03:58 Training clean up crews

04:37   The training programme

05:48 Muscle building and fat burning

06:49 Training more than just muscles

The Effect of Regular Aerobic Exercise on Reverse Cholesterol Transport A1 and Apo Lipoprotein A-I Gene Expression in Inactive Women. 

Iran Red Crescent Med J. (2015)  17(4): e26321. 

Asghar Tofighi ; Fatemeh Rahmani , Bahram Jamali Qarakhanlou, Solmaz Babaei.