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00:08 A natural appetite suppressant 

00:20 The appetite suppressant of the bushmen

01:00 Hunting in the desert

01:31 Mother Nature’s  pharmacopedia

01:59 Hoodia leaves the Khalahari

02:25 Hoodia glycosides poke bitter receptors

03:01 The cholecystokinin storm

03:41 Bitter receptors

04:07 Missing the receptors in the mouth

04:32 Missing the receptors in the gut

05:08 It MUST taste awful

05:22 Science does not support

06:10 How to cook the books

Hoodia gordonii: To eat, or not to eat.  

Journal of Ethnopharmacology  (2014) 155: 987–991.  

Carine Smith, Annadie Krygsman.