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00:22 What causes chronic sinusitis ?

00:46 Remove the something

01:36 The plan B….immune suppression

02:38 Sinus biology 101

03:08 Nitric oxide and vasodilation

03:36 Deliveries are time sensitive

03:56 Nitric oxide synthetases

04:21 Continuous nitric oxide a killing machine

05:03 Continuous nitric oxide with a twist

05:46 Breathing in is dangerous

06:08 Sinus cavities cleaning up

06:36 The two for one deal

06:56 The nitric oxide switch

07:34 Good vibrations flip the switch

08:00 Humming increases nitric oxide production

08:40 Humming away sinusitis

09:28 Bah hum bug ?  Try it.



European Annals of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck diseases 133 (2016) 263–268. 

R. Jankowski,  D.T. Nguyen,  M. Poussel, B. Chenuel, P. Gallet C. Rumeau.