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00:15   Losing weight – what doesn’t work

01:14 The formula for weight loss

01:43 Weight loss is about calories INSIDE

02:22   Brown adipose tissue is our body’s heater

03:21 BAT cells are missing in action

04:36 “Hard labour” in Siberia

05:14 No jackets, no heaters

05:51 Six weeks in Siberia

06:12 More BAT less fat

06:46 Planning your next trip ? Put Siberia on the list

07:07 Fat burning machine

07:37 Cold thermogenesis at home

08:18 Avoid compensatory eating

Recruited brown adipose tissue as an antiobesity agent in humans.  

J Clin Invest. (2013) 123(8):3404–3408. 

Takeshi Yoneshiro, Sayuri Aita, Mami Matsushita, Takashi Kayahara, Toshimitsu Kameya, Yuko Kawai,Toshihiko Iwanaga, and Masayuki Saito.