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00:11 But I’m not overeating

00:46 Genes plus something

01:08 Blame insulin

01:41 More insulin please

02:08 Insulin resistance

02:43 Hyperinsulinemia cause or consequence ?

03:00 A broken metabolism

04:10 In the beginning there was….

04:43 Insulin levels in kids

05:25 Bigger insulin bigger kids

06:08 Insulin IS the culprit

06:38 The insulin response is personal

07:16 What is the “wrong” environment ?

07:51 Insulinogenic foods


Fasting Plasma Insulin at 5 Years of Age Predicted Subsequent Weight Increase in Early Childhood over a 5-Year Period—The Da Qing Children Cohort Study. 

PLoS ONE (2015)  10(6):e0127389. 

Yan Yan Chen, Jin Ping Wang, Ya Yun Jiang, Hui Li, Ying Hua Hu, Kok Onn Lee, Guang Wei Li.