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00:31   The chicken and mayo sandwich

01:26 How healthy is that sandwich

01:54 Your sandwich is not so healthy

02:19 Fats through the ages 

03:45 Mice eating lots of linoleic acid 

03:59 Going on a HIGH fat diet

04:54 The stork arrived…….

05:27 Linoleic acid created mouse blobs

06:27 Vegetable fat chemistry

07:18 Arachidonic acid get’s cut down to size

07:50 Store up those calories – tough times are coming

08:16 Anadamide gave mice the munchies

08:41 BLISS-fully munching makes you fat

Dietary Linoleic Acid Elevates Endogenous 2-AG and Anandamide and Induces Obesity. 

Obesity (2012) 20 : 1984–1994. 

Anita R. Alvheim, Marian K. Malde, Douglas Osei-Hyiaman, Yu Hong Lin, Robert J. Pawlosky,Lise Madsen, Karsten Kristiansen, Livar Frøyland and Joseph R. Hibbeln.