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00:18 Shopping for fibre

00:40 When high fibre is NOT enough

01:43 High fibre not the constipation solution

02:11 Making bowel movements happen

02:40 Constipated patients

03:15 Healthy colons, healthy thyroids

03:42 The low fibre prescription

04:15 Constipation cured

04:40 The fibre myth

05:24 The anal sphincter

05:56 Welcome to constipation

06:18 Fibre makes the STOOL wetter

07:04 GIT transit time

07:28 Try a low fibre diet

08:04 Keep the soluble fibre


Stopping or reducing dietary fiber intake reduces constipation and its associated symptoms.

World J Gastroenterol (2012)  18(33): 4593-4596.  

Kok-Sun Ho, Charmaine You Mei Tan, Muhd Ashik Mohd Daud, Francis Seow-Choen.