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00:10 Teenage boys in the house

00:29 A trillion for dinner

00:57 So what do gut bacteria eat ? 

01:36 When bacteria go hungry

02:29 A gaggle of bacteria

03:21 It’s off to work we go

03:40 Feeding the 14

04:39 A fibre free diet causes hunger

05:15 Bum cream for gut cells 

06:07 When there is nothing else – eat mucin

06:44 A thinner mucous layer

07:23 Less mucous makes you vulnerable

07:44 The benefits of soluble fibre

A Dietary Fiber-Deprived Gut Microbiota Degrades the Colonic Mucus Barrier and Enhances Pathogen Susceptibility. 

Cell (2016) 167 : 339–1353.  

Mahesh S. Desai,  Anna M. Seekatz, Nicole M. Koropatkin, Nobuhiko Kamada, Christina A. Hickey, Mathis Wolter,3 Nicholas A. Pudlo, Sho Kitamoto, Nicolas Terrapon, Arnaud Muller, Vincent B. Young, Bernard Henrissat,  Paul Wilmes, Thaddeus S. Stappenbeck,  Gabriel Nunez, and Eric C. Martens.