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00:06 Too little cupboard space

00:23 Cupboard refurnishment inside the body

00:41 The number of fat cells matter

00:56 Fat cell expansion

01:39 Fat cell remodelling

02:01 Macrophage infilitration 

02:18 Completed renovations

02:33 Low grade inflammation

03:09 SPMs (specialized pro-resolving mediators)

03:39 Chopping up omega-3 fatty acids

04:07 Eating more omega-3 fatty acids

04:39 Applying the brakes on inflammation

05:00 Go natural


Pro-resolving actions of SPM in adipose tissue biology.  

Mol Aspects of Med (2017)  pii: S0098-2997. 

J Claria, C Lopez-Vicario, B Rius, E Titos.