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00:10 A painkiller a day

00:26 The GP’s choice

00:52 The downside of paracetamol

01:32 What paracetamol does is not the problem

01:59 Paracetamol toxicity

02:27 Getting rid of paracetamol

03:09 Bye bye paracetamol

03:34 Pharmacogenomics of paracetamol

03:48 The power of sulphur

04:10 Cysteine the eradicator

04:44 Cysteine supplies

05:05 Muscles take strain

05:25 Sarcopenia is a big deal

05:47 Protect from the paracetamol threat

06:14 Protein guidelines for older adults

06:31 The challenge of getting enough

06:43 Sources of cysteine


Impact of medication on protein and amino acid metabolism in the elderly: the sulfur amino acid and paracetamol case. 

Nutrition Research Reviews (2018) page 1 of 14.

Carole Mast, Dominique Dardevet and Isabelle Papet.