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Here is a recap of this audio

00:57   Shopping for formula

01:29 Phytoestrogens ? 

02:12 Soy isoflavones are antioxidants  

02:44 First and foremost they are estrogens

03:48 A little girl brain

04:08 Welcome to Princess School

05:25   How formula impacts playing styles

03:39 Brain’s on soy

06:55 A boy brain is an asset

07:38 What else do these phytoestrogens do ?

08:06 Foreign versus plant estrogens

09:04 Natural does not mean SAFE


Early-life soy exposure and gender-role play behaviour in children

Environmental Health Perspectives (2011) 119(12): 1811-1816

Margaret A. Adgent, Julie L. Daniels,  Llyod J. Edwards, Anna Marie Siega-Riz, Walter J. Rogan.