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00:10 Less calories in 

00:25 The problem with calorie restriction

00:53 A starving brain 

01:04 Conserving calories

01:37 The fat loss stalls

01:57 When eat less doesn’t work

02:22 Introducing MATADOR dieting

03:13 Continuous versus intermittent dieting 

03:38 The nature  of the diet

04:12 Less calories in means weight loss

04:37 Intermittent dieting stops the panic

05:06 Running on fumes

05:33 Weight loss now and later

06:05 Stopping rebound obesity

06:46 MATADOR dieting

07:09 The off weeks aren’t pigouts

07:33 Permanent weight loss


Intermittent energy restriction improves weight loss efficiency in obese men: the MATADOR study

International Journal of Obesity (2017), 1–10.  

NM Byrne, A Sainsbury, NA King, AP Hills and RE Wood.