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00:12 Being salt sensitive

00:31 Sodium is an essential nutrient

00:55 Salt language 

01:20 Is salt the problem ?

02:06 Eating salty soup for lunch

03:16 Measuring what happens when salt is consumed

03:28 Salt does raise blood pressure

04:19 A glass of water puts your biology on speed dial

05:00 How the body handles salt

05:42 Vasopressin to the rescue

06:05 Manage your salt moments

06:43 Prevent the salt blood pressure spike

07:08 You MUST drink WATER !


Acute effects of salt on blood pressure are mediated by serum osmolality.  

J Clin Hypertens. (2018) 1–8. 

Mehmet Kanbay, Gamze Aslan, Baris Afsar, Tuncay Dagel, Dimitrie Siriopol, Masanari Kuwabara, Said Incir, Volkan Camkiran, Bernardo Rodriguez‐Iturbe, Miguel A. Lanaspa, Adrian Covic, Richard J. Johnson