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00:22 Suffering from dry skin

00:55 No soaps or lotions

01:24 A tale of two soaps

01:48 Acidic skin care products

02:41 Mother Nature likes it acidic

03:08 Skin health measured

03:29 The eyeball test

04:00 DASI – the dry skin area and severity index

04:13 Skin care products make a difference

04:30 Skin health is more than good looks

04:57 Skin barrier function

05:20 Tape stripping

05:46 Better skin function with acid

06:06 Recovering from skin trauma

06:29 Judging your skin care products

06:48 Choose your skin care products wisely

07:17 Test your skin care product

07:40 Vulnerable skins really need acid

A Long-Term Study to Evaluate Acidic Skin Care Treatment in Nursing Home Residents: Impact on Epidermal Barrier Function and Microflora in Aged Skin. 

Skin Pharmacol Physiol (2015) 28:269–279. 

Jürgen Blaak, Olaf Kaup, Willi Hoppe, Gabriele Baron-Ruppert, Heiko Langheim, Peter Staib, Rainer Wohlfart, Dieter Lüttje, Nanna Schürer