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00:06 Insulin comes a knocking

00:27 Insulin resistance

01:05 Insulin 101

01:59 Binding to the insulin receptor

02:35 Looking for the welcome mat

03:42 Soluble insulin receptors

04:08 A closer look at that high insulin

04:38 It happens in humans too

05:03 Problem for diabetics

05:22 Does it matter ? 

05:57 Insulin sparks the receptor dump

06:38 It’s a matter of survival 

07:22 Safe levels of insulin

07:56 It’s a delivery problem

08:39 Rein in insulin


Hyperinsulinemia is associated with increased soluble insulin receptors release from hepatocytes. 

Frontiers in Endocrinology (2014) Vol 5: article 95.  

Marcia Hiriart, Carmen Sanchez-Soto, Carlos Manlio Diaz-Garcia, DianaT. Castanares, Morena Avitia, MyrianVelasco, Jaime Mas-Oliva, Marina Macias-Silva, Clicerio González-Villalpando, Blanca Delgado-Coello, Marcela Sosa-Garrocho, RománVidaltamayo and Deyanira Fuentes-Silva.