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00:07 Getting teenage girls to move

00:38 Getting teenage boys moving

01:07 The cause of sedentary living in girls 

02:14 The real reason some girls hate exercise

02:53 Exercise goes AWOL at puberty

03:32 The breast sport connection

04:07 Breast protection 

04:35 It’s just not talked about

05:07 Small breasts RULE in the gym

05:35 Breast education the key to getting girls moving

06:11 Talk about the birds and the bees and…….

06:23 Private change rooms, please

The Influence of the Breast on Sport and Exercise Participation in School Girls in the United Kingdom.  

Journal of Adolescent Health 58 (2016) 167e173.  

Joanna Scurr, Nicola Brown,  Jenny Smith,  Amanda Brasher, Debbie Risius, and Anna Marczyk.