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00:08 Getting really angry can cause a heart attack

00:17 But there is a two hour window

00:32 Back to normal and then chaos

01:30 Adrenaline sparks flying

01:58 Surviving the moment

02:13 Adrenaline comes and goes

02:29 Rocking the bacterial world

03:02 The iron lockdown

03:29 Adrenaline lifts the lockdown 

03:56 A coming out party

04:39 Adrenaline the trigger 

05:00 Going postal

04:06 Manage your emotions and iron status


Bacteria Present in Carotid Arterial Plaques Are Found as Biofilm Deposits Which May Contribute to Enhanced Risk of Plaque Rupture. 

mBio (2014) 5(3):e01206-14. 

Bernard B. Lanter, Karin Sauer and David G. Davies