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01:11   Supermarket cabbages are still thinking

01:03 In the cabbage patch

01:54 Defending the cabbage

03:01   When the bugs bite

03:36 Spraying pesticide early in the day

04:04 What winds up the cabbage clock ?

04:38 Cabbage must experience warm days and nights 

05:35 Keep cabbage clocks ticking

05:55 Synchronizing your cabbage’s clock

Postharvest Circadian Entrainment Enhances Crop Pest Resistance and Phytochemical Cycling. 

Current Biology (2013) 23(13):1235-41

Danielle Goodspeed, John D. Liu, E. Wassim Chehab, Zhengji Sheng, Marta Francisco, Daniel J. Kliebenstein, Janet Braam.