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00:17 The best appetite suppressant

01:23 Green means chlorophyll

02:11 The chloroplast package

02:45 The thylakoids 

03:20 A bite of spinach

03:42 Thylakoids stick to everything

04:02 There is fat in the system

04:38 Cholecystokinin to the rescue

05:11 Getting the fat digested

06:03 A sticky situation

06:28 So there is still fat in the system

07:08 Safe and effective appetite suppression

The Use of Green Leaf Membranes to Promote Appetite Control, Suppress Hedonic Hunger and Loose Body Weight. 

Plant Foods Hum Nutr (2015) 70:281–290. 

Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson & Per-Åke Albertsson.