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00:11 The brain is not to blame

00:30 The tongue decides

01:17 What do tongues like ?

01:39 Choosing sweet treats

02:12 Tongues are in touch

02:32 Tongues are lazy

02:52 Calories amass in soft and smooth

03:27 Some tongue favourites

03:50 Brain’s know calorie maths

04:14 Tongues dominate

04:34 Remembering to count calories

05:07 Curtail your binges

05:41 A tongue lashing

05:49 Tongue psychology


Something to Chew On: The Effects of Oral Haptics on Mastication, Orosensory Perception, and Calorie Estimation

Journal of Consumer Research (2014) 41(2):261-273

Dipayan Biswas, Courtney Szocs, Aradhna Krishna, and Donald R. Lehmann.