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00:14    Bacteria rule

00:30    Bacteria hard at work

01:01    A healthy gut flora

01:39    Probiotics deliver

02:25    Gut diversity important

02:50    The rainforest in your gut

03:19    9 strains per capsule

03:55    Billions of bacteria

04:31    Bacteria have personalities

04:57    The plant microbiome 

05:50    The plant microbiome is diverse

06:15    Wash them away

06:35    You should wash plants before eating them

07:01    Eat your vegetables

Vegetable microbiomes: is there a connection  among opportunistic infections, human health and our ‘gut feeling’? 

Microbial Biotechnology (2014) 7(6) :487–495. 

Gabriele Berg, Armin Erlacher, Kornelia Smalla and Robert Krause.