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Here is a recap of this audio

00:29   Bring on the antibiotics for that UTI

02:04   A folk remedy to avoid a UTI

02:34 Sodium bicarb is scientifically proven to help

02:53 Taking away a favourite thing

03:13 Iron is essential for life

03:41   Siderocalcin works like a charm

04:27 A needle in a haystack 

04:49 Siderocalcin’s little helpers

05:45 Plant wastes help siderocalin stop that UTI

06:12 Time for a cup of polyphenol loaded tea

06:34 Bacteria do fight back

Human Urinary Composition Controls Siderocalin's Antibacterial Activity

Journal of Biological Chemistry (2015)  jbc.M115.645812. 

Robin R. Shields-Cutler, Jan R. Crowley, Chia S. Hung, Ann E. Stapleton, Courtney C. Aldrich, Jonas Marschall, Jeffrey P. Henderson